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Design Tips

"Keep it Simple" is possibly the most important rule of web design. As you make decisions about what elements will make up your web site, remember to bring simplicity to the planning table with you and apply the concept to both the look and content. Don't overwhelm your visitors with too much information or too many graphics.

Navigation Menus
Too many menu options can be distracting if not downright confusing. If possible, keep primary menu choices to a minimum; six to 10 are usually enough for most sites. Then use sub-menus for more detail where needed. For example, if your company provides a number of different services, use a menu option called "Services" and have a pop-up or slide in sub-menu for all the services options.
If you need a larger number of main menu options, consider having two menus. For example, use one for content (services, products, profile, process) and one for site navigation (home, search, site map, help).
Also, give your menu options short, meaningful names such as Products, Services, Profile, Process, Contact Us, etc.. Avoid obscure names and keep in mind that short names look better on "buttons" and navigation bars, and contribute to a clean, clutter-free, easy to navigate web site.

Too many graphics can sloowwwww dowwnnnn youurrr paaggges. So can graphics that are too large (we're talking file size here, not necessarily image dimensions). People are busy... don't make them wait.
When planning your use of graphic images, keep it simple, colorful, and elegant. Use graphics sparingly to enhance your content; don't let them take over, clutter up and slow down your pages.
If you need to make large, detailed images available to your visitors, use thumbnails (or small representations of the images) that link to the full-sized versions, each on its own page. That way visitors can choose to wait (or not) for the bigger images to download.

Text Content
Many companies use existing marketing literature for their web site text... which is fine if this material is up-to-date, accurate, and interesting. If not, it might be a good time to give some thought to updating your message. Even if you're happy with your material, it will probably need some whittling down and editing for use on your site.
Search Engine Optimization must be taken into account when writing copy for your pages. If you haven't already, please go here and read more about that important topic.

The colors of your website is the first thing most people notice. There are hundreds of colors available for websites; to make the choice easier, see our new COLOR CHOOSER.

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The Home Page is where people will ordinarily enter your site. It should ideally be made so someone can see in a few seconds exactly what the site is about and what services are offered without reading through a lot of text, going to another page, or waiting for Flash effects

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