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Site Elements

With the constantly changing world of Internet technology, it takes a great deal of patience and experience to design a site that holds up under all situations. At Alohas Online, we ensure that all of our sites are ready for the Web by checking them against the following list of important site considerations:

  Site Considerations  

  • The site contains all desired information.
  • The site includes all desired methods of contact or interaction.


  • Site navigation is easily understood.
  • All site areas can be reached with a minimum number of mouse clicks.


  • All of the site's content is consistent with the client's message.
  • All of the site's design and graphic elements are consistent with the desired style for the site.


  • Each link on every site page has been tested.
  • Each programming element on the site has been tested for all anticipated user responses.
  • All site elements have been checked for errors in spelling and grammar.


  • Each site page loads within the desired amount of time.
  • All graphic elements have been optimized to load as quickly as possible.


  • The site's overall design is appropriate and appealing.
  • All graphic elements are as attractive as possible for loading within the desired amount of time.


  • All site pages display correctly within Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.


  • All site pages display correctly at all anticipated screen resolutions.
  • All site pages appear best at the target screen resolution.


  • The site's file names and file structure are easily understood.
  • All site code is properly indented, as simple as possible, and commented where necessary.
  • All site pages which require frequent updates have been designed for changes to be made easily.

Client Approval  

  • All specific client requests have been satisfactorily addressed.
  • All pages of the site have been viewed and approved by the client.


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