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Maui Website Design
Maui website design
This was a website which we completely remodeled, and added many features. The client wanted dark colors through the site to better display the photos. There are several photo galleries, and several slideshows for the galleries. In the future we plan to add the ability to order photos online from client galleries.
We built this site for a property manager in Maui, as well as all of the Vacation Rental websites that are featured in this site.

The site features a Flash slideshow on the Home page, and each vacation rental has such features as Photo Galleries, Reservation Calendars, Reservation Request Forms, and some have a Content Management system built in to allow the individual owner to edit his own site whenever he wishes.
Kaanapali Royal needed a major makeover of their website, so we re-did it from the ground up. We incorporated into the site the ability for the Resort staff to create an ongoing newsletter through their browser on any computer, and each edition of the newsletter will then become a new page on the website. The newsletter automatically creates archives of past issues, and is searchable. We also created an emailing program so the staff can send bulk emails to all of the Condo owners at once. A database was set up with the owner data which can be easily added to by the Resort Staff, or by the owners themselves. The emailing program uses the email addresses from the database.
This was an existing website for which I was contracted to remodel and add some features. The basic layout remained the same, but more a more appealing "look" was requested. The colors, layout and images were re-done to give the site more character. Many new pages were added.
This is a small 3 page site for a company on Maui which specializes in On-Site Beauty services. The site is bright and features a nice online gallery of her portfolio.
The Vienna Alpine Club wanted a fresh look that showed what they were about. Some of the features of the site are a forum for members, an email program to bulk email different groups in the Club, online editing so staff members could put the latest news on the home page, and photo albums of their trips.
Here is an example of one of the vacation rental websites we've done. This is a 7 page site designed to show a multitude of information about the rental as compactly as possible. Some special features of this site include an Availability Calendar, Flash slideshow on the Home Page, ability to take deposits online, and a dark background to put more emphasis on the photos.
This website was created for a Maui business which has as it's main offering a portable recording studio. We used some flash in the logo, and the site consists of several pages with many images to show the different business activities.
This is a simple two page site with a slideshow, rollovers, and layers that appear with descriptive text. A nice informative site to look at, especially if you would like to find someone who is a master of massage.
A Hawaii Vacation Rental Directory with database and Administration area. Owners of vacation rentals can join and create their own vacation rental listing, and update text and photos anytime.
This website was done for a professional photographer with a Flash slideshow on the home page, and several Flash photo galleries.
This is our site which caters to the owners of Vacation Rentals. Here we made wide use of forms used to take orders, and created many special features for them to offer their clients. Some of the special features include an Availability Calendar, and a Guestbook which each of the individual clients can manage themselves. We also created an online payment system for them to offer their clients, and various forms for taking reservations and deposits.
Dan Sanchez is a Maui Hairdresser who travels to the client for their hair needs. He needed a small site with only a description of his services, several photos of his work and himself, his qualifications and contact information. His desire was to have a full page background with a Maui theme.