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Web Site Hosting

What IS a web host anyway?

A web host is a company who runs a server that provides space on the world wide web for your web site to "live".

While sometimes your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will provide web hosting for you, a web host generally does not provide Internet Service.

Unless you are your own server, you will definitely need a web host. Keep in mind that if your internet service provider DOES provide free web space for you, we will definitely utilize that space if you choose to have your web site "housed" there, but if you're looking into getting your own domain name and want to be able to have CGI options (online order forms, guestbooks, secure pages to accept credit cards, counters to track your vistors, etc.) then finding a good host is the way to go. The free space is adequate for most small informational sites though.

Finding a reliable web host on the world wide web can be a very tedious and frustrating job. We can save you a lot of time and hassle by providing the best hosting that can meet all your demands and needs at a very competive price.

The vast majority of our hosted websites pay only $10.00 a month for our hosting services. Around this is what you should expect to pay unless you have a large site, high traffic, or special needs such as online ordering.

We can also register your domain name for you including one full year of registration for only $10.00

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