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Coming up with good Key Phrases

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Coming up with the right keywords and key phrases to use for your website is a challenge. If you are creating new text or rewriting some existing text, there is a great tool which can help.

Websites who's content changes fairly often have an advantage in search engine rankings over websites which remain static. It is a good idea to every once in awhile go over your text to see if things can be added or changed to improve it. Whenever changes are made to your content, you need to keep in mind not only the viewers who come to your site, but also the search engine spiders. How you are ranked in the search results is based on many things, but primarily the number and quality of links coming to your site, and which keywords and keyphrases relevant to the focus of your site are in your headings and text.

People don't always use search terms to find a site like yours you might think they would. Coming up with the correct key phrases is not easy, since there are usually several possible combinations of words that could be used. Remember, the exact order of the words is important ..... for instance, if your site is about weddings and if most people search using "Wedding on Maui" and you use only the phrase "Maui Weddings", you won't rank as well.

One easy way to find out what search terms are the most commonly used, is to use a simple tool at way this works, is you can type in your most important keywords, and it will tell you what words and phrases are the most commonly used in searches. This helps a lot in determining how to phrase things when writing your text and creating headings. Give it a try, and then look at the headings and text in your site, and see if things could be improved.

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Coming up with good Key Phrases, posted on 11 Jan 2006

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