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The Process for your web site

The following is a brief outline of the process involved in having a Web site designed and published:

  1. Initial Contact - A potential client ordinarily contacts me via e-mail with an idea for a website. We discuss through email or by phone in general terms about the Web site they envision, whether it is to be a first-time Web presence or a redesign of an existing site. The main goal is to get a good idea of what is desired, and what the alternatives are. We figure out the material that will go into the site, and how many pages it should be.

  2. Design Proposal and Cost Estimate - Following the initial contact, I write out a design proposal for larger projects. This proposal includes a quote for the cost, although the actual price may need to be adjusted slightly up or down as the project progresses and changes are requested.
    The proposal is usually accompanied by a "Site Outline" which shows the pages that will be included, their basic content, and how they will link together. The purpose of the design proposal is to be sure we are in agreement on the essential plans and costs. I ask for 25 percent of the estimated total to be paid at the time of the signing of the proposal for larger projects.
    After that, for very large projects I invoice on the 1st and 15th of the month for work completed. Small or quickly-finished projects usually do not require a deposit are just billed upon completion.

  3. Domain Name and Web Hosting - The first task is to secure the desired domain name and arrange for Web hosting. I can handle that process and provide the confirmation documents to the client.

  4. Actual Design and Production Procedure - The design process is a collaboration between myself and the site owner or client. The amount of involvement the client has is really dependent upon his own preference. At the very least, the site owner or client needs to provide me with the necessary content for the site: text, logos, and other graphic elements. However, I can create or provide graphic images myself if desired. I also write, co-write, or edit text copy when requested.
    On some projects, the client prefers to give me basic direction and let me design the site almost entirely on my own; others want to have more input. In any case, there is always some back-and-forth collaborating done by e-mail and/or phone as I create page designs and show them to the client for approval. A "private" directory on the Internet is used to post the site's pages as I develop them; the site owner can then view them on his own computer.
    Most small business and nonprofit organization Web sites take between a few days and a month to complete, although there are often ongoing improvements and additions which can extend the estimated time. When the site is approved by you as "ready for publication" I will submit my final invoice, and upon payment the files are sent to the host server and the site is "live". At that point, I will submit the URL to numerous of the most popular search engines so that it will, in time, be indexed by them.
    An important part in this process is properly designing for search engine optimization. The client needs to take this into consideration when compiling the content for the site. Please read THIS PAGE for more information about this.

  5. Ongoing Maintenance - I have an ongoing professional relationship with virtually all of the business owners and individuals for whom I create Web sites. For most, there are at least occasional updates or changes; for some, it is more frequent. Either way, I am available to support and maintain the site as much as is needed.
    Problems with the site will be taken care of at no charge, and I give one hour of free time per month for small changes and updating. If more than one hour per any month is required it is charged at $35 per hour.

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